AFineParent is Your Best Way to Make A Good Kid

If you are a parent, seeking to be a fine parent, right? This site is for you.

·         Specialists go through years in clinical schools to ace their science and Craftsmen burn through long periods of energy to sharpen their specialty.

·         But then, by one way or another, we guardians are relied upon to raise individuals with essentially no preparation or practice! Can any anyone explain why everybody (counting ourselves!) expects child rearing to be simple and programmed?

·         Fine parents are made, not born


A Fine Parent is an online network for guardians who accept that Great Parents are Made, Not Born.

Every week on the blog the site owner publishes one top to bottom article.

At first, He composed all the articles himself. In the wake of sharing a couple of reader stories and visitor posts be that as it may, he understood exactly the amount we would all be able to profit by shared astuteness and assorted voices.


Writers demands

·         An effectively composed individual story that interfaces you with the reader, moves them and draws in them in your article

·         A remarkable rundown of exercises gained from your experience that encourages them leave with novel thoughts, perspectives and energy to have a go at something new in their own lives

·         A strong support for your article as references to your most loved child rearing/brain science book or potentially applicable examination

Article demands

·         be written in web-design (efficient; short passages; records and shots)

·         be unique and not distributed anyplace else previously

·         Incorporate the compulsory "2-minute activity plan" (thought/reflection questions) and the "drawn out activity plan" (explicit move to make throughout the following week) areas at the base of the article. If you don't mind keep these short and direct (kindly observe any article here for instance)


·         Be in the 1,500 – 3,000 words go. I want to adhere to that extend, yet will make special cases dependent upon the situation.



·         Articles chosen for distribution will be paid $75 through Paypal.


Terms and Agreement

·         By submitting the article you concur that it is a unique article composed by you and that it has not been distributed or submitted for thought to distribute somewhere else except A fine parent .

·         By submitting the article you make a deal to avoid resubmitting the article to some other site until you hear back the distribution choice from A fine parent.

·         By submitting the article you concur that in the event that it is picked for distribution, you won't republish it on some other site (counting your own) until about a month after the distribution date on AFineParent.Com.

·         By submitting the article you concur that if your article is distributed, A fine parent will hold the rights to republish or reuse the material later on, obviously with due credit to you.

How to submit your article

·         Send the FULL finished article as a Google Drive report to We don't survey pitches.

The topics they need

·         Essentials of Positive Parenting.

·         "What to do when" kind of posts for regular child rearing difficulties.

·         "Step by step instructions to" type posts for things we guardians need to show our children.

To sum up A fine parent is considered one of the best sites to write don’t hesitate to write for them in case if you like this type of articles.



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