How to make money writing content

Throughout this article, I explain to you how to profit from writing Arabic or English articles in general. You can write articles for a fee or stories and novels on different sites, whether foreign or Arab, but there are many differences in this regard, for example, there are sites with a higher level of profitability than other sites as well as that for all sites Different payment methods will also be completely different with you, while if you are going to write for yourself or for the benefit of other websites.

of course the level of professionalism and the field in which you will write plays a big role in this, so the professional can determine what he wants in exchange for writing content while the opposite is also completely true at the time you will be a beginner In this field. Generally, and it is considered a home project to profit from the Internet in an easy way, and you alone are in control of it, and a continuation of what we had started together with a while ago in this section about profit from the Internet in easy, simple and headless ways Money Let's talk about that method more extensively below.

What articles can you profit from?

There are many fields on the Internet. The world of the virtual Internet is exactly like the real world in which we all live. 

It contains many fields. You can write about anything you know or have information about, such as tourism, decorations, news, technology, cultural information, applications, smartphones, computers, and you can also write about cooking. 

Recipes, Sweets, about sports, and other more specialized fields. Even if you do not have what to write about, you can read.

learn and understand well about the area of your choice and then begin to write in it and the best articles required on the Internet in general related to technology, news, and health in general, such as articles on dieting, weight loss, etc. 

In addition, there are types of articles that require knowledge of such a health field and medical information, and you must have qualifications that allow you to write in these articles so as not to cause harm to others.

How to make money writing content

Profit from writing content for yourself: In this way, you can profit by making your own website, writing with it, and profit from it by relying on displaying ads for other people or companies, the most important of which is Google Adsense, and we have presented that method in an article titled The Best Way to Profit From the Internet and it may actually be the best option, but this method needs to have more knowledge of this world where you have to know ways to manage websites as well as Seo methods, but this does not mean that it is difficult, so you can with some time by learning some of the explanations on YouTube that She realizes it well.

Profit from writing content for others: This type is divided into several different options that you can, of course, think about well and choose the best ones from your point of view and divide them for you in order as follows:

writing content for website owners: There are people who have chosen the first method in this project and they created websites on the Internet and started their way to success, and they request essay writing service from other people for a fee. You can communicate with them and agree between you on the return and on how to reach them there are groups on Facebook that support This idea seriously and strongly and helps you to reach exactly what you want in the matter of websites or communication between workers in this field, including the Seo Code Group, and from dealing with people, you will get to know more groups that help you work in the field at rocket speed, God willing.

Writing for institutions, companies and large sites: There are some gigantic websites that are represented by a company or managed by more than one person and work with a profit-sharing system where you write articles on them and then you promote those articles through various means such as social networking sites and others in order to get visitors as you depend In the first place in this method is the success of these sites and because they are huge, so they have a large daily traffic rate, so your articles will have a share of views and of course the profits, and this method needs to have a Google Adsense account to win through it with the profit-sharing system.

Profit from marketing sites for writing content: There are dozens of websites specialized in supporting work on the Internet and operating under a commercial intermediary system among dealers in this field and through these sites you can offer your services for writing content and whoever needs your service will request it from you through those sites, but it is worth noting that These sites get a profit percentage from you in exchange for marketing those services and acting as a mediator, as they are large sites and have a lot of visitors, and of course they are intended by many who seek that type of services, whether those who request purchase services or those who offer their services for sale.

Global foreign sites for writing content

I also offer you here a long list of the most important and famous sites that pay you money in exchange for writing content on them and some of them pay up to $ 100 per article and some of them are also paid according to the criteria of the article, which were mentioned above in this article, which is as follows:














Learn how to write an essay

There are many platforms used by websites, the most famous of which is Blogger and WordPress, but there are magazines and other content management platforms, whether free or paid, in addition to the presence of many programs for their owners only and also used in managing various websites, but the way to write a professional article may be fixed and therefore I will present it to you in several steps to understand it step by step

  • ·        Main title: Start by writing content with a distinctive title for your article that attracts the visitor, whether inside the site or the next through the search engine, so that the article contains fewer words and also attracts attention and expresses the content of the article.
  • ·        Introduction: For every article, you will write a professional introduction, use a professional style in which you talk about the content of your article, and do not make the introduction long so that the visitor does not get bored of reading it.
  • ·        Subheadings: Write a group of ideas and sub-headings that you will talk about inside your article and work to employ these headings well and appropriately to make the visitor read the paragraphs below them.
  • ·        Paragraphs: Do not provide long paragraphs and do not add any words that do not need to be present, meaning stay away from excessive filling in paragraphs unnecessarily.
  • ·        Write to the end: Write your article professionally, as you have to add everything that the next visitor will need to your article, as he may need to answer any questions, so put yourself in the visitor’s place and work to provide him with all the information he needs.
  • ·        Multimedia: Do not leave your article resembling the arid desert, but add all your multimedia for this article, whether pictures from the ground or from nature or as your article specializes. Hundreds of websites that offer high-quality images for free in almost all fields.
  • ·        Article format: Work on formatting and arranging your article well and try as much as possible to focus on the absence of spelling errors that will damage the meaning of the paragraph, sentence, or title you have written, and highlight the important texts in the paragraphs as well as the headers, subheadings and secondary.
  • ·        Sources: If you rely on reliable sources in the articles that you have written, you should mention those sources, either in those places where you mentioned information related to those sources or at the end of your article because that will help you to strengthen your article in the search engine in addition to that it will help visitors to More confidence in the content of your article.·       
  • Conclusion: Provide prominent information in your article with a brief idea or paragraph that briefly explains the content of the article and the information in it.

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